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Learning personalized for every little genius

Us and our beliefs

A paradigm shift in the world calls for a paradigm shift in the way we impart education – one of Foundree’s core beliefs. Building a happy childhood  is an essential part of our culture at Foundree. We work towards carefully recognizing the little one’s interests and abilities and give them complete freedom to fly in our limitless spaces. Because the idea is to never hold them back or restrict them, but to always encourage them to explore and discover. Making sure that our children live their childhoods to the fullest and love them too.

We focus on developing 4 important C’s: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication using the most fun and comfortable techniques that provide your little one a wholesome learning experience and a happy childhood they’ll cherish for life.

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Building the foundation of a happy childhood

  • Skill-based syllabus
  • Personalised learning
  • Imaginative environment

Integrated Program (1.5 – 6 years)

Best of both worlds!

It’s exactly what the name stands for: a holistic approach combining the best of both worlds: pre-school and day care. It allows independent and unstructured playtime to encourage your tiny tots to express themselves without any inhibitions. It promotes self-discovery of their strength through our skill-based syllabus and activities like Foundation Science, Indoor and Outdoor Playtime, Nap time, and Meal breaks. Our half-day and full-day integrated programs (8am-8pm) give the little ones the freedom to explore, learn and have fun in their own unique ways. Using the wings of their curiosity and imagination, Foundree allows them to truly live their childhoods in the purest way – the way it’s meant to be.

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Preschool Programs (1-6 years)

Strengthening the base!

From the time your little angels start holding things as toddlers to when they begin narrating stories in Jr.KG (K1) and Sr.KG (K2), our aim is to enrich this journey by refining each of their motor, communication, analytical, and creative skills with our foundational skill-based classes and classrooms. The whole preschool is their playground. And that’s how we’ve designed real-life skill-based education through play. An approach that empowers them to express themselves better, easily understand concepts, and learn human virtues like empathy and compassion, integrated with the 4 Cs – as a part of the experiential preschool journey designed for their joyful childhood.

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Day care (15 months - 6 years)

A comfort just like home!

We know what’s it like to be a working parent and being a part of your little one’s growing up journey simultaneously. So Foundree day care is that second home your little munchkin will love to be at and live a childhood filled with love and happiness. They’ll learn through our foundational skill-based environment, get some sound sleep, and play around in their free time. With certified caretakers, dedicated diaper stations, nutritionist prepared meals, and highest hygiene standards, we ensure round-the-clock care and security for your little angel. With our day care app, you can also track your baby’s progress, know what they’re up to at any given point of time and witness their precious childhood moments anytime, anywhere.

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Our Locations

Keep swiping to find your nearest Foundree branch.

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Sneak Peek

A glimpse of what your little one’s happy and fun childhood would look like at Foundree. Foundational skill-based classrooms, interior and exterior play area, and a lot more to fall in love with.

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Parent's love letters

principal | Rahul Gupta Rahul Gupta

Very good teachers good learning environment, clean and hygienic center. Aadya is very happy to come here and we are also satisfied to send her here.

testmonial 2 | Shiva Salunkhe Shiva Salunkhe

Foundree Ghansoli is a great primary school. Its spacious & Clean where kids can be themselves and have fun. My kid loves to come to school and she finds learning fun & exciting. Teachers & Principal takes special care of each & every child individually altogether a great school for kids.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 03 at 12.34.54 PM e1646375715430 | Nisha Jethani Nisha Jethani

We are very happy with Jasnur’s teacher & the school. Seeing a lot of programs. Thanks to being so understanding & Patient with the kids always

testmonial 42 |  Shweta Kalra  Shweta Kalra

A glimpse of what your little one’s experience at Foundree would look like. Skill-based classrooms, the interior. My kid loves the school He who all the teachers and loves to come teaching pattern is nice and makes interesting for kids. Happy to send my kid to Foundree Preschool.

testmonial 3 | Nayu Mathew Nayu Mathew

Afrail has learned to play with other children. I am very happy with the teacher for her patience.

WhatsApp Image 2022 03 03 at 12.34.55 PM e1646375807136 | Dr Divya Beswal Dr Divya Beswal

Inaya loves attending Foundree and part of that reason is Krinal teacher. She has been extremely patient and kind with Inaya. Helped her bridge the learning gap and catch up with the other childrens.

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