Colourful Holi Activities for Preschool Children

5 Colourful Holi Activities for Preschool Children

Holi, the festival of colours is around the corner and what can be the best way to celebrate it with non-other than children? To make the occasion special, many preschools engage children in fun activities such as making colourful decorations, playing games, and creating Holi-themed crafts. Best preschools always adopt such interactive activities to engage the children to enjoy and learn about festivities in the most fun way!

So, if are you looking for creative and colourful activities to celebrate Holi with your pre-schooler? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 5 fun, age-appropriate Holi activities for preschool that are sure to bring the joy of Holi to the little ones! 


  • Experiment with colours using oil and water

Children will have fun learning how oil can protect their skin with this experiment. Begin by applying baby oil to one hand and dampening the other hand with water. Then, take the Holi colour and rub it on both hands. Have the child stay with their hands covered in colour for five minutes, and then wash off the hand with the oil first, followed by the other hand. Ask them which hand was easier to get the colour off of. Oil does not mix with colour, creating a thin barrier between the skin and the colour. Water, however, mixes easily with colour, making it more difficult to take off the colour from the hand dampened with water.


  • Vanishing Colours

Let the children have a blast this Holi by performing an exciting experiment with food colouring, laundry bleach, and droppers and make your Holi celebration in preschool more fun! Ask them to mix different colours of food colouring with water in separate transparent glasses, then add laundry bleach to each coloured solution using a dropper. They can observe how each colour begins to fade – some faster than others. To make it even more fun, encourage them to keep adding bleaching agents until one of the colours is completely gone. This experiment is a great way to show kids the science behind bleach and how it works. Bleach contains oxidizers that react with colour molecules, causing them to lose their hue. That’s why it’s used to remove stains and spots.


  • Colour Balloon Cricket

This Holi, give your kids an unforgettable experience – colour balloon cricket! Get some colourful balloons and let your child hit them with a cricket bat. It’s sure to be one of the best, craziest and most enjoyable preschool activities for kids this Holi. We guarantee you’ll be thankful you tried it!


  • Water shooting

This is another activity to make your preschool Holi celebration more joyous. Add an extra element of fun to your kid’s Holi celebration by stacking disposable cups on top of each other and having the children shoot water from their water guns to knock them down!


  • Make your T-shirt

 This could be the best engaging activity for the Holi celebration in the preschool. Let your child be creative by helping him make a tie-dye shirt! Have him get an old, light-coloured t-shirt and roll it up. Then secure it with elastic bands at various places. Provide fabric paint or tempera paints, gloves, and a place to colour. Once he’s finished, let the shirt sit for an hour before washing. After drying in the shade, his unique Holi t-shirt is ready to wear!



 As you can see, there are plenty of fun and colourful activities to plan for pre-schoolers to enjoy the Holi festival. Whether it’s making colourful crafts, playing with colours, or dancing to traditional songs, your pre-schoolers will have a blast celebrating Holi. With a little bit of imagination, you can make the festival extra special for your little ones. So, get creative and plan some best fun activities for your pre-schoolers to enjoy this Holi!

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