Back to School Safety During COVID 19 Pandemic | Back-to-School Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog - Back-to-School Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The back-to-school season is here, and this year will be all the more special for all the students. For the last couple of years, children could not live the school experience due to COVID-19. While your child gears up to go back to school, it is natural for you to be a little worried for them, given that the pandemic still lingers around us, and the cases have also been increasing across the world.

Take precautions every day

You may think you know COVID-19 and you might have made sure your children knew it this summer. But despite all your efforts, you might have sometimes seen your kids standing way too close to other people, forgetting their masks and leaving them in the car and at home. You might have also noticed that they are forgetting to wash their hands after touching common surfaces. In reality, much of what we’re worried about is transmitted by droplets that form when an infected person coughs or sneezes. So next year, when school reopens again, be sure to reinforce the everyday COVID-19 precautions.

Here are some measures you could take every day:

Social distancing:

It is still important to keep a safe distance from other people if you or your child has been vaccinated against COVID 19. The virus is known to spread among people who are in close contact with one another, who may not even be aware of the infection at all.

Wear a mask:

Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to protect yourself from any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking, or coughing — especially when social distancing is more challenging.

Wash your hands:

The best way to protect yourself and others is to wash your hands with soap and water. If you don’t have access to soap and clean water, use hand sanitiser on your hands.

Understand the safety measures being implemented at school

Knowing and understanding the reason behind safety measures can help your child adhere to them better. Make sure your child understands the reason behind these protocols and doesn’t follow them just to obey you. Most preschool in Kharghar, and other prime localities, lay special emphasis, on ensuring safety measures while teaching your child why it is important.


Listen to your child’s concerns

As a parent, you are a key figure. Your child will trust your opinion and come to you when they need the most help and reassurance. Although it can be difficult to acknowledge your vulnerabilities, it’s sometimes necessary to develop channels of communication with your child so that they feel free enough to share their emotions. Allowing them to voice their concerns freely is important.

Especially when you are searching for a preschool in Kharghar or any locality closer to your house, you can always assure them. of your presence.  So as a parent be sure to foster this relationship because if anything happens where your child may end up in an unwanted situation then you’ll have no choice but to let them know you’re there for them.

As a parent, it is perfectly natural to worry about your children’s safety. After all, you only want what is best for them. While your concerns as a parent are valid, you need not worry as long as you follow these back-to-school safety tips. Schools are a great place for your children to learn a lot about life too, and it is great that they get to relive this experience offline, and not be locked in their homes. Your kids are going to cherish every moment they get to spend in the school environment!

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