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Guiding You Through the Enriching Journey: Your Child’s Daycare Admission Essentials

Essential Daycare Admission Guide

The daycare choice marks the beginning of early childhood education and your child’s first steps into establishing long-term relationships with valuable caretakers. A good daycare can offer a wholesome and exciting environment helping your child grow. So, here are Your Child’s Daycare Admission Essentials- A guide to help you sail through this critical process. Your […]

Preparing Your Kid for Preschool Admission Interviews and Assessments


In the exciting journey of preschool admission, interviews and assessments are pivotal steps that parents, and their little ones embark upon. Ensuring your child is well-prepared for these crucial aspects can significantly enhance their chances of a successful admission. This guide offers valuable insights and tips to help parents navigate the preschool admission interview process […]

Learning through play, reality or a myth?

Learning through play at Foundree

The Power of Play in Early Education In a society filled with technology, Foundree Preschool and Daycare takes a stand for its unique approach to education. At Foundree, we believe in the transformative power of learning through play. “Learning through play” – isn’t a mere tagline for us; it’s the very essence of our educational […]

Everything You Need to Know about Foundree’s Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning approach

Nowadays, it is critical to remain up to date on modern teaching approaches that accommodate students’ different learning demands. Foundree distinguishes itself by its distinctive and customised approach to early childhood education. This article delves deep into the intricacies of Foundree’s teaching model, shedding light on its distinctive features, benefits, and the impact it has […]

Inspiring Young Minds: The Power of a Positive Preschool Education Environment

Positive Preschool Education Environment

Enrolling your child for a preschool education is essential for their early development, that helps lay the foundation for their lifelong learning journey. During your child’s formative years, their mind acts like a sponge, absorbing knowledge, and experiences at a rapid pace.  Therefore, providing them with a positive preschool education environment that fosters holistic growth […]

Unlocking the Power of Happy Childhoods: Foundree Preschool and Daycare’s Holistic Approach

Unlocking the Power of Happy Childhoods

In today’s fast-paced world, childhood experiences often become overshadowed by the pressures of academic achievement. On the contrary, childhood should serve as the foundation for a child’s holistic development, shaping their beliefs, values, and overall well-being. A happy childhood lays the groundwork for a thriving individual, equipping them with essential foundational skills and fostering their […]

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