Fun Numeric Activities for Pre-schoolers and Kindergartners

Blog - Fun Numeric Activities for Pre-schoolers and Kindergartners

Numbers can be a nightmare for many children, especially when they are not introduced to Math from an early age. Imparting numerical skills among preschool children is very important so that they enjoy playing with numbers as they grow up. Let’s look at some fun activities that can make little and curious learners fall in love with numbers. 

Adding tunes to numbers

Melodies and music can have a lasting impression on children and their memory. That’s the reason why toddlers tend to remember counting songs and rhymes more often. In the process of learning the songs and rhymes, they are also parallelly improving their numerical skills. Some of the most popular counting songs include “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” and “Ten in the Bed.” Once children get used to them, you can make them listen to more complex number songs and rhymes. 

Step up the Number Game

Fun number recognition games can be a great way to make children enjoy the process of learning math. There are many number puzzles that can be used to challenge preschool learners and test their numerical skills. Number memory card games can be used to help children identify numbers by their shape and understand their sequence. 

Go practical!

Introducing children to the concept of counting by grouping similar kinds of objects, can be a very interesting way to enhance numerical skills in children. For example, you can engage children in games where they must match a numerical number 5 to a set of 5 similar objects, say cars. You can then ask them to count similar kinds of objects and write the number on a book. 

Understanding the form

Apart from counting, you can also engage children in games that help them identify the numerical form. You can have flashcards with numbers and ask children to identify each one of them. You can first go in a sequential manner and then show flashcards in a random sequence. 

Crafting stories around numbers 

Stories stay with children for a longer time, which is why you can create stories around numbers and engage the children. For example, you can tell a story about a family of 5, that had 3 different pets. While narrating the stories, you can lay more emphasis on the numbers and count them out for them. Stories open their minds and help them visualise the numbers better. 

Fun games related to number recognition and memory are like fodder to creative little minds, and hence they should be a part of preschool education.  When learners are introduced to such activities in their preschool or kindergarten, they slowly start developing an interest and love for the subject. Once they enter primary school, they will be ready to take on new numerical challenges that come their way and further sharpen their skills. Math will no longer be a nightmare for them. In fact, the more they learn and practice, the more they will start enjoying it! So, even as parents, you can explore creative ways to explain numerical concepts in your day-to-day lives. 

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