Importance of Preschool Education

Blog - Importance of preschool education

A preschool is the first stepping stone of a child into a world out of home. It is the ideal setting for laying the groundwork for a child’s future success. Children develop a strong foundation in social, emotional, physical, academic and life skills during preschool which helps them succeed in school and beyond.

Let us look at the different reasons why a preschool is important and what role it plays in a child’s complete development.

Creativity and Curiosity

Young children are curious, ask questions and love to explore the environment around them. They also have creative ideas and imagination. Preschool activities such as beading, art and craft, field trips and free play help develop creativity.

Social skills

Till the age of 3 a child spends most of his life with his parents and immediate family. At preschool children spend extended periods of time with other children and people who are not members of their families. The child learns how to make friends, collaborate, listen and develop conversational skills with strangers. They also learn how to interact with others, how to share and how to conduct themselves in a socially appropriate manner.

Language skills

The cooing and babbling is now slowly getting replaced by words and meaningful sentences. Language rich setting in a preschool helps child by introducing new vocabulary and asking them thought provoking questions. Preschoolers thus learn to speak effectively because they have many opportunities to explore new things, read books, act out stories, singing and also communicate with their peers and teachers.

Cognitive skills

Preschool curriculum involves participation in activities that encourage children to try new things, solve problems, ask questions and observe the world around them. These activities are targeted towards enhancing the cognitive skills of a child thus enabling them to learn more.

Motor skills

Fine motor and gross motor development are one of the major skills that a child should acquire. These skills stay with them for life and help them in various activities. Preschool activities such as lacing, reading, cutting, sticking, throwing, painting, running and outdoor play encourages developing fine and gross motor development. These activities provide opportunities for children to challenge themselves and enhance their skills.

Pre-literacy skills

In preschool teachers use a variety of games and activities to develop pre- literacy skills. Rhymes help to discriminate between different sounds. Stories helps to develop fundamental life skills in a fun way. Introduction of alphabets, words and numbers are a prerequisite for language and math skills. Children develop a sense of joy and motivation to learn new things.

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