Why is Kindergarten Learning Important for your Child?

Kindergarten Learning Importance

As parents, you don’t directly feed your child solid food when they are young right? You start off with easily digestible food like cereals, milk, porridge and more. You do this to prepare your toddler’s body to eat and digest solid food as they grow up. Now it’s obvious for you to think, what’s the […]

Why is pre-school education important for kids?

Importance of Pre school education important for kids Foundree | Why is pre-school education important for kids?

The importance of a pre-school in a child’s life cannot be undermined, as the learning environment provided to children from the age of three to five will have several positive implications on their development in the future. When parents admit their children in a pre-school, they expect that the pre-school would help enhance their child’s […]

Fun Summer Activities For Kids

foundree | Fun Summer Activities For Kids

Summer is here, and it’s time to make sure that your kids are enjoying their holidays. It’s never easy because they can get bored and have no incentive to do anything if they don’t plan their day. Here are some great ideas for different family-oriented games and activities to help you and your kids have […]