How to teach your Kids to become an early reader | Techniques to help your child become an early reader

Blog - Techniques to help your child become an early reader

Many parents start worrying about instilling good reading habits in their children as they finish nursery school and get promoted to preschool. Getting a head start when it comes to reading at an early age can help keep your child ahead in many ways. It is well documented that kids who develop the habit of reading at an early age are naturally better at handling and comprehending serious situations than those who do not read. This is mainly because reading books of unique genres can help children in developing their knowledge in varying aspects of life. It gives them a broader perspective to deal with challenges that may arise in the future, while also making them competent in language and communication. Kids can be adamant at this stage of their life. So how to make this happen? Here are a few essential tips for the same.


Reacquaint yourself with reading

Children follow by example. First of all, if you have let reading slide to the margin of your life, it’s time to bring it back. Make the necessary space and time for books that you can read and books that you will read with your child. Many of the Preschools in Kharghar organise many exciting activities and also encourage their parents to do the same as they believe that reading is a lifelong skill that can build a strong foundation for future generations. So, if you want to raise your child as a reader, be a reader first!


Read out loud

Reading out loud with gestures will increase the interaction level. It is a more enjoyable activity for developing your child’s liking for reading and understanding the book. Teachers of Preschools in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai especially promote this activity to help the kids to develop reading habits.


Importance of night-time reading

If your child is old enough to hold the books themselves, always leave a storybook open in their bedroom. They can look through it before falling asleep. This will increase their interest in reading before bedtime which is bound to grow over time!


Limit their screen time

Giving access to TV and Mobile devices is the easiest way to keep your child engaged, but this habit is not recommended, as it can lead to screen addiction. There are plenty of ways to enhance your child’s imagination with various books. Preschool education is important for kids as it promotes easy reading habits by explaining to parents how to keep their children away from screen time.


Make reading a priority

It’s important for you to set aside a specific time for reading because this will not only be fun for everyone but it’ll also help bring your family closer together. Preschools in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai promote the importance of keeping consistency in reading time. You may want to set aside a single night at the end of the week where your entire family can put aside any distractions they might have throughout the day and settle in, relax and enjoy some time reading together as a group. Turn off all electronic devices, dim the lights and turn into a reader!


Surround them with books

Keep an easily accessible rack full of books in every room, so when your child is bored, they can look for something interesting to entertain themselves with. You don’t have to go overboard and buy everything there is on their wish list, or anything specific – let them find something that interests them among the stack instead.


The above tips will help you get your kids on the early path of reading. It will help them to grow into successful individuals as they develop their language, vocabulary and comprehending skills. Remember raising a reader is a fun, rewarding and relatively easy activity!

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