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Imaginative Learning Spaces

Coming to a Foundree school is like entering a comforting, yet exciting and whimsical space every day!

The design

Our design scheme is inspired from Scandinavian architecture. The overall aesthetic of a Foundree school is clean, minimal, a blend of white and natural materials. There are no garish caricatures on the walls, and all the Teaching Learning Material has been carefully curated to be child friendly, ergonomic, open ended and made mostly of wood and other natural materials.

Immersive learning

Every Foundree centre is a series of immersive zones, accessible to all our kids irrespective of their age and levels. Throughout the day, they get to visit all the zones – such as for Listening & Speaking, Storytelling, Reading, Writing, Pre-Math, Science, Makerspace, Pretend Play, Music and Art.

Instead of keeping our children inside a bubble, we have designed a safe space for our kids to explore their curiosity and their physical abilities as well, very much like a European kindergarten.

The little ones can enjoy dual courtyards including an indoor courtyard/playground with net installation for the kids to explore in a protected environment.

Our skill-based classrooms come with interactive spaces including a Lego wall and maker wall.

Safety and hygiene

  • We have fire drills, padded corners, non-toxic paint that children can eat, first-aid trained team, minimal plastic in toys and material, live  CCTV and more.
  • Our meals are prepared and supervised by expert  nutritionists.
  • For any adversaries, we have round-the-clock nurses on board and  hospital tie-ups.
  • Our centres are child proofed with padding and safety  tapes.
  • Each center has a designated Fire Exit, and our staff undergoes Fire Safety  training at regular intervals.
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