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Pre-K Program

Pre-K program (3-4 years)

Physical and social growth

Pre-K, also known as Nursery school, sows the seed and strengthens the base of learning. This preschool program concentrates on their gross motor skills and develops them through activities throughout the day. Show and tell, dramatics, storytelling is a big part in our learning arcs. It helps them develop language and emotional skills, such as understanding their peers, empathy, and compassion.

Cognitive and analytical skills

Pre-math skills during this age are of utmost importance to develop cognitive thinking, analytical skills, reasoning, and problem solving. Our preschool learning allows the little minds to make mistakes, explore, and get thorough understanding of the problem and solution both, while arriving at an answer.

Skills they develop

  • Pre-math and logic-based skills like identifying patterns, sequencing, size, and quantity
  • Language skills through writing and reading whole words
  • Early reading skills as they are encouraged to become independent readers

A glimpse of your little one’s day at Foundree Pre-K!

(165 min or 2 hours 45 min)

15 min
35 min
25 min
30 min
30 min
30 min
Arrival Activities
Circle Time
Learning Time 1
Snacks & Free Play
Learning Time 2
Free Play
Arcs Covered
  • – Empathy
  • – Listening & Speaking
  • – Whole Word Reading
  • Monthly themed stories and rhymes
  • – Phonemic Awareness Reading
  • – Pattern Writing Writing
  • – Fine Motor
  • – Pre-Math Numeracy
  • – Self Awareness
  • – Gross Motor
  • – Empathy
  • – Art
  • – Music & Movement
  • – Making
  • – Communication
  • – Science
  • – Gross Motor
  • – Yoga & Zumba
Admission Enquiry