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Located in the serene neighbourhood of Airoli, Foundree Preschool and Daycare is housed in a charming four-storied building, offering an exceptional setting for your child’s early education journey. Our spacious premises extend over 3,000 square feet, providing ample room for exploration, learning, and play.

At Foundree, we recognize that every child is unique. Our approach is to create an ideal environment tailored to each child’s learning style, fostering the development of diverse skills and ensuring a joyful childhood. We understand the importance of preschool as one of the first opportunities for children to explore the world independently. With this in mind, we’ve implemented comprehensive safety measures in both classrooms and play areas. The learning curriculum has been carefully designed to develop the 4 C’s in children- Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. In addition to supporting growth and development through interactive and interesting learning activities, we ensure that your child gives equal importance to play by encouraging them to participate in various fun activities.

We also focus on nurturing emotional skills in children, an essential part of their development. Through activities that teach sharing, taking turns, and the importance of empathy, your child will learn valuable interpersonal skills. We emphasize self-regulation and understanding emotions, helping children grasp the significance of both giving and receiving love. This approach ensures that your child not only grows in knowledge but also emotional intelligence, laying a solid foundation for a loving and empathetic future.

We have always believed in the idea of teachers and parents working together as a team to create the best learning environment for the child. With the introduction of the Foundree app, this parent-teacher communication has become a lot easier. Through the app, parents have the opportunity to get all the updates about their child’s learning progress and help them in their learning activities at home with the help of detailed videos. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring your child enjoys a happy childhood.

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 3pm (sat)

Plot number 11D/11E Next to Palm Spring building, Sector 7, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708

Our Programs

Toddler 2-3 Years

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Pre-K 3-4 Years

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K1/K2 4-6 Years

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Daycare 6 Months - 10 Years

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Meet Our Principal

Foundree Airoli Principal | Airoli 7

comma1 | Airoli 7Hi! I am Karishma, with 17 years of experience in the field of Education. “We at Foundree take pride in being the largest Preschool & Daycare in Airoli.

At our school, we have a dedicated team of young and dynamic teachers who have played a pivotal role in nurturing and shaping many children. As the Founder Principal of the Airoli center, I am privileged to lead this team and be an essential part of the incredible learning journey we embark upon with our students.comma 2 | Airoli 7

Karishma Thevar

Principal, Airoli 7

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Lovely staff, amazing, good school. Son has made brilliant progress." I recommend highly to all who needed pre school for their child. Teachers are very good & very accessible, integrates compassion to their teaching standards. Their methodology of teaching is very friendly to child, it creates interest towords study
unnamed 3 | Airoli 7
Dinesh Khade
Great and warm staff. Moreover have heard great reviews about the current principal. Every parents' most priced possession- their kids are taken care of and educated in the best way. Love their teachers and their teaching format. Way to go, team.
unnamed 4 | Airoli 7
Rasika Deshpande
I have never seen a school which gives Personalised Learning to each child. I was first amazed if personalised learning is really possible?? But after understanding their concept and way of teaching, I knew this is where I would like to enroll my child. The Staff is well trained and takes good care of children. I would certainly refer Foundree Airoli to my friends and family. This is the best and biggest Preschool in Airoli. Kudos to the team 👍🏻
unnamed 5 | Airoli 7
Karishma Thevar
Ruchita BridRuchita Brid
13:43 17 Jun 24
The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities. School vice principal Natasha D'Souza is so good and very helpful. The environment is so playful and the teacher are so friendly. Thank you everyone. One of the best schooling experience.
natasha dsouzanatasha dsouza
13:41 17 Jun 24
nilakshi chaudharinilakshi chaudhari
18:25 28 May 24
The infrastructure and facilities of this school is good. But this school is only meant for the children whose IQ is above 95. And absolutely not for hyperactive child. My daughter is hyperactive and at the time of admission they said we will work on your kid. And after admission they said she is hyperactive and she needs a shadow teacher. Then where is the concept of independence?The teachers always complaining about my daughter that she is doing wrong things and they doesn't even allow her to participate in the sports and gathering. Half of their time is spend in making a video for each kid. And in that time other children do nothing.I wasted my money and precious time here. But I request all the parents please do not take admission in this preschool.
Deepak HirveDeepak Hirve
11:08 29 Jan 24
We highly recommend this preschool & daycare in Airoli! They have an amazing staff, a safe environment, and enriching activities for kids. My child loves it here. It is just like a second home for him.
heer thakkarheer thakkar
07:40 16 Aug 23
Amazing school ND great staff😊😀
Hemangi SHemangi S
14:46 12 Aug 23
We have very good experience in foundree school. Our son is very much happy in school and never wanted to go back to home.Teachers are caring and loving in nature, other staff are co- operative. My son has very good progress.
Siddhi SoniSiddhi Soni
07:17 26 Jul 23
Good learning environment for little ones. The staff is very co-operative and friendly. Healthy environment..
Revathi ShivakumarRevathi Shivakumar
08:10 20 Jul 23
Teachers and all the staffs are very supportive.The method of teaching is very friendly to child.
Pritee VaityPritee Vaity
07:01 12 Jul 23
Great Staff and teachers are excellent. Takes care of each and every child. I feel relaxed working in office knowing my child is in safe hands.
Asghar dddAsghar ddd
17:10 28 Jan 22
As a parent of the school, I am impressed by the accademic excellence and overall values that are taught to all students. My child loves attending school and virtual both each day and has grown immensely. The teachers and staff are caring and ensure that each student is successful. I would highly recommend Foundree Preschool !
Dinesh KhadeDinesh Khade
16:12 28 Jan 22
"Lovely staff, amazing, good school. Son has made brilliant progress." I recommend highly to all who needed pre school for their child. Teachers are very good & very accessible, integrates compassion to their teaching standards. Their methodology of teaching is very friendly to child, it creates interest towords study.

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