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Extending over 2000 square feet, Foundree Preschool and Daycare in Kharghar 8 is housed in a two-story building with a beautiful swimming pool. With a lovely terrace as a play area, the play materials offered by the preschool are safe for children to use.

At Foundree, we recognize that every child is unique. Our approach is to create an ideal environment tailored to each child’s learning style, fostering the development of diverse skills and ensuring a joyful childhood. We understand the importance of preschool as one of the first opportunities for children to explore the world independently. With this in mind, we’ve implemented comprehensive safety measures in both classrooms and play areas. The learning curriculum has been carefully designed to develop the 4 C’s in children- Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. In addition to supporting growth and development through interactive and interesting learning activities, we ensure that your child gives equal importance to play by encouraging them to participate in various fun activities.

We also focus on nurturing emotional skills in children, an essential part of their development. Through activities that teach sharing, taking turns, and the importance of empathy, your child will learn valuable interpersonal skills. We emphasize self-regulation and understanding emotions, helping children grasp the significance of both giving and receiving love. This approach ensures that your child not only grows in knowledge but also emotional intelligence, laying a solid foundation for a loving and empathetic future.

We have always believed in the idea of teachers and parents working together as a team to create the best learning environment for the child. With the introduction of the Foundree app, this parent-teacher communication has become a lot easier. Through the app, parents have the opportunity to get all the updates about their child’s learning progress and help them in their learning activities at home with the help of detailed videos. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring your child enjoys a happy childhood.

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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 3pm (sat)

Row House D, 13/14, Vasundhara CHS, near Little world mall, Sector 8, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

Our Programs

Toddler 2-3 Years

pt2 slide | Kharghar 8

Pre-K 3-4 Years

pt3 slide | Kharghar 8

K1/K2 4-6 Years

program 3 | Kharghar 8

Daycare 6 Months - 10 Years

integratedProg 2 | Kharghar 8

Meet Our Principal

roma sandhya | Kharghar 8

comma1 | Kharghar 8I am Roma Sanadhya, Senior Principal @ Foundree Kharghar 8. I have been a part of the education industry for almost 6 yrs now. Our vision at Foundree is to provide Imaginative, Collaborative and Engaging classrooms because we believe the best classrooms are those where children are responsive in their journey of learning and growth and not just passive listeners. It’s a delight to see my children rush in excited and eager to do something new everyday. The joy of being a part of their early years and shaping young minds is immeasurable. Come join us, if you believe children are seeds to be nurtured and lamps to be lit and not vessels to be filled.comma 2 | Kharghar 8

Roma Sanadhya

Principal, Kharghar 8

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My child is always happy going to school. It's overwhelming to see my child's growth over this one year... Amazing teaching environment, my child is more disciplined now and learning part is something I have completely left to founder. A special thanks to Swati Teacher and Roma Mam 💕
unnamed 16 | Kharghar 8
Manish Kumar
Our son joined Foundree on April'23 and we are very glad that we got him admitted at Foundree.First of all it is very near to our apartment.Also he loves going to his school.I had been to a certain program at the centre and I observed that all the materials are child friendly.The teaching methods are very innovative which I could never have imagined.Every children gets equal opportunity to express themselves.Teachers are very kind and specially the kids feel safe with them.
Dickee | Kharghar 8
Hridhan is studying in K1 at Foundree; he is having wonderful learning experience here and have made great progress. Highly recommend this preschool for other parents. Thank you staff and teachers for making our kid fly in his learning journey.
Miithun Shetty | Kharghar 8
Mithun Shetty
Prashanna RaiPrashanna Rai
11:00 29 May 24
Foundree pre school is one of the wonderful place where kids can grow beautifullyAll the teachers and staff puts lot of effort to take care of the kidsKids are really happy and enjoy their childhood at the school Thank you Foundree team
Harshita PatilHarshita Patil
06:17 26 Dec 23
It has exceptional teachers & staff who are dedicated, caring professionals shaping a positive learning environment. One of the best preschools in Kharghar.
Shikha BaruaShikha Barua
09:56 25 Oct 23
"The Best Preschool in Kharghar is amazing! Teachers are great, the place is safe, and our child is learning a lot. We love it!"
Depaxi KatochDepaxi Katoch
04:38 26 Sep 23
Thank you team Foundree kharghar sector 20, I could not think of a better safe place for Kaashika to introduce her first step towards a never ending journey of learning. So grateful to Prabhjyot and her team for being patient and supportive in every way to make her (& me as well) comfortable and happy. It’s a beautiful safe place for developing early social skills, Learning activities and very spacious clean hygienic play area for physical development. Backed by an awesome team who makes it a second home for the little ones. Love and hugs from kaashika, her mama & nani 🥰😘😘😘😍😍😍
Rakhi VashishthRakhi Vashishth
12:59 22 Sep 23
Fantastic start to a child's educational journey with its dedicated staff and fun-filled activities.
Oumeima KasuOumeima Kasu
04:04 16 Sep 23
I can clearly notice the progress in my toddler. The team of teachers and helpers are excellently efficient and responsible
Ratna Kumari GRatna Kumari G
09:20 09 Sep 23
Foundree is one of the best pre school and daycare i opted for my child. I can see a lot of difference in my child’s overall development. Teachers and staff are very friendly, takes care of children really well. I was looking for a hygienic school with an amazing play area.Thank you foundree for all the care and love.
Anuradha JahagirdarAnuradha Jahagirdar
05:30 01 Sep 23
I'm so pleased with this preschool! The curriculum is fantastic, and my child is loving it. The teachers are caring and skilled, and the place is clean and safe. The principal is really involved, making sure everything is top-notch. I highly recommend this preschool and daycare to all parents!
gurbinder sandhugurbinder sandhu
07:18 09 Aug 23
Hi everyone.Foundree Preschool & Daycare, Kharghar 20 is a warm loving school with caring teachers and a robust rich educational curriculum.The personalized way of teaching pedagogy is awestruck as it ensures that each child can attain their full potential at their pace.The principal, teachers and support staff are top notch and are extremely caring and loving towards kids.They have great safety and hygiene protocols .It's a positive and fun environment for children to blossom!!!!
Arpita Chatterjee SenArpita Chatterjee Sen
05:36 22 Jun 24
Excellent Place. All my priorities have been met. Safety, healthy food, trainings.I am extremely relieved at work.
Parita ShroffParita Shroff
09:42 12 Jun 24
Foundree has an excellent pedagogy. The skill based curriculum ensures holistic development for children. The teachers and helpers at school are well trained, which helps the child in settling down faster . Also the school has so many toys and learning aids to explore. The children just love going to school.
Capt Shourya SanadhyaCapt Shourya Sanadhya
02:32 12 Jun 24
Mirari KapadiaMirari Kapadia
09:10 11 Jun 24
Highly recommend preschool! Warm, caring staff, clean facilities, and engaging activities make it a top choice for little ones.
This is one of the best preschool & daycare in Navi Mumbai
Swatiशा KadamSwatiशा Kadam
08:50 11 Jun 24
A spacious most inviting preschool in Kharghar sector 8. The set up is so engaging and each classroom is thoughtfully created. I discovered personalised learning at Foundree Kharghar and it is only natural for a child to learn at his /her own pace. Strongly recommend to start your child's preschool journey with them.
Khadija UdaipurwalaKhadija Udaipurwala
11:39 29 May 24
One of the best Preschool and Daycare for the kids. All the teachers and staff are very nice and efficient.Thank you foundree team for your support and love.
Anju BalaAnju Bala
10:55 29 May 24
Set up is very nice in foundree Kharghar sector 8. Teachers are very nice and efficient.highly recommended
Sumitra DeySumitra Dey
10:54 29 May 24
One of the best playschool in KhargharSet up is really niceThe teachers and other staffs are polite and highly efficientTotally recommend
priyanka shivapriyanka shiva
09:04 27 Apr 24
I had so many questions on day 1 of my daughter Yaagnika's school. But I was delighted by the way Madam Principal and her team handled it. It's been one month now and my daughter is enjoying school. She has started singing the rhymes and imitating the actions at home. She is even speaking new words and sentences.Every learning and the progress of the child is made transparent and therefore we could help the child with the same at home. Every festival/ event is well-planned and organized. The faculties are very kind and polite to the children. Foundree Kharghar Sector 8 is the best find for us and our daughter. I am sure she is going to enjoy her learning experience. Thanks to Madam Roma and her team❤🙏
Sameera RaneSameera Rane
06:29 28 Mar 24
Hi ma’amThank you is just a small word for expressing our gratitude towards all the efforts you have taken to make today’s event successful.We can imagine how tirelessly you all were working since so many days for annual day.Hats 🎩 off to Roma ma’am and all teachers, house keeping staff and helpers in school for organising and managing the show. Indeed commendable 🙏 It feels so nice and proud to see our little ones shining on the stage fearlessly ☺️
08:43 18 Mar 24
Very nice school for kids.Personal attention given by the teachers especially Suman teacher. She is very cooperative and understanding and helps in every aspect overall.One of the best preschools.
Suman RainaSuman Raina
05:32 18 Mar 24
Really proud to be associated with Foundree Sector 8, the school really put the efforts in making kids the best version of themselves. The teachers especially Swati mam are very skilled, kind and empathetic. The principal mam Roma, puts her sweat and blood in running the school and does it so well. She knows all her kids by names and even personally engages with them all. All the support staff is also very cordial and handle kids well.
Neha VermaNeha Verma
05:11 18 Mar 24
Hats off to the teachers at Foundree. What an amazing show at the Annual Day 2024. It was an extravagant experience of watching our kids perform at such a huge was mesmerizing and an extremely proud moment for all the parents. Thank you so much for not just preparing our kids for this day but also giving each kid the confidence that they can do it 😊😊
Roshan SinghRoshan Singh
17:21 12 Jan 24
Setting sail into the adventure of My Kids School Foundree Kharghar Sec8 was truly delightful, especially as Aayush, grappling with a speech delay, found success in overcoming it through the Early Bird program. Kudos to Teacher Mugdha for her impressive teaching techniques and remarkable handling that laid a robust foundation. Encouraged by this positive beginning, we eagerly ventured into pre-K with Mindseed.Deboti Ma'am took the reins, guiding Aayush through a seamless blend of online and offline learning, making the initial part of the year both educational and entertaining. The transformation into Foundree for K-1 brought Pooja Ma'am into Aayush's world, making his schooling not just informative but playfully enjoyable, complete with the skilled management of his occasional tantrums.Now in K-2, Soumi Ma'am has woven a narrative of discipline into Aayush's learning journey. The heartbeat of this well-managed symphony is Roma, the Principal of Foundree. Her active involvement in every activity, introduction of innovative learning methods, and a knack for celebrating each moment have added a dash of excitement to Aayush's schooling.As Aayush gears up for a bigger school, he carries with him not just lessons but a treasure trove of memories from Foundree. The dedicated teachers and dynamic management have not only shaped his childhood but also created an environment where learning is an adventure to be relished. Here's to the wonderful time and childhood that Foundree has crafted for Aayush!
anuradha kadamanuradha kadam
06:55 23 Dec 23
Kids had awesome fun, very well organised with all the safety precautions. Thank you Foundree for organising the same.
Ragini KhobragadeRagini Khobragade
09:48 06 Dec 23
Foundree preschool Focused on personalized learning. Good management and very supportive staff.
kaniz fatmakaniz fatma
09:47 06 Dec 23
I have great experience in day care and it is the best day care in Navi Mumbai.. very supportive and caring staff.
Prabhjyot Kaur SandhuPrabhjyot Kaur Sandhu
08:03 03 Nov 23
One of the best Preschools in Kharghar. Hygiene and Safety protocols are well maintained and taken care of. The unique curriculum and access to the Foundree app with your child's progress and Live CCTV access just makes your experience awesome!!!
Nandini PedhaviNandini Pedhavi
15:24 02 Nov 23
Foundree Preschool in Kharghar is one of the best preschools in the area. My daughter is in K1 and has been attending the school for a few months now. The ambience of the school is fantastic, and the hygienic conditions are top-notch. The curriculum is skill-based and has helped our little one in improving her learning abilities. Kudos to the teachers and management for their hard work!
Neeta BhattacharyyaNeeta Bhattacharyya
15:22 02 Nov 23
My son is currently attending Foundree Preschool in the Pre-K program, and I must say that our experience has been nothing short of amazing!From the moment we joined, we were impressed with the curriculum provided at Foundree. The activities are engaging and well-designed, ensuring that each child is learning and developing crucial skills while having fun. It's truly remarkable how the teachers incorporate both educational and play-based approaches, creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for the children.The leadership at Foundree Preschool is fantastic and truly sets the tone for the entire school. Their love for children and passion for early education shines through in everything they do. They have created an atmosphere where both parents and students feel welcome and supported.The facilities at Foundree Preschool are top-notch, providing a comfortable and safe space for our little ones. The cleanliness and organization of the classrooms are commendable, and it's evident that the staff takes great care in maintaining a hygienic environment.I highly recommend Foundree Preschool to anyone looking for a preschool that offers an amazing curriculum, lovely leadership, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is a place where children can thrive and grow, laying a strong foundation for their future education. We are truly grateful to have found such a wonderful preschool for our son!
Shaziya ShaikhShaziya Shaikh
17:14 06 Sep 23
I recently had the pleasure of enrolling my child in the best preschool with the most polite principal, outstanding teachers, and an exceptional curriculum. From my first interaction with Anuradha ma'am , I was impressed by her polite and welcoming nature. She genuinely cared about my child and was always available for any queries or concerns.The teachers in Foundree are not only talented educators but also incredibly patient and nurturing. It was evident that they had a true passion for teaching and genuinely enjoyed working with the children. They created a warm and inclusive environment where my child felt loved and supported.The curriculum of this preschool is outstanding.Overall, my experience at Foundree was exceptional.I highly recommend this preschool to any parent looking for a nurturing and enriching environment for their child's early years.

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