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Preschool Program

At Foundree preschools, every element of your child’s experience is reimagined and designed to let them find and live their childhood their way. Best childhoods are not lived in boring, closed classrooms. With Foundree’s engaging rooms, personalized learning, level-based learning and a creatively immersive environment, your tiny tots are in for the best of everything. Where your child enjoys complete freedom to explore the world to their heart’s content. They build things independently and in collaboration, they lead and learn, they practice and master each level to move to the next – in everything they do. They gain perspectives, become mindful listeners and develop the courage to get out of their comfort zone while being in a safe environment.

Who is it for?

(1.5-3 years)

Here, at Foundree preschool learning, the little apple of your eye is discovering and experiencing the joy of independence. And we encourage them by focusing on activities for their fine motor skills development.

(3-4 years)

Here the child is developing more complex physical and emotional skills. So, at this phase, our preschool education nourishes their budding skills with activities like yoga, storytelling, free play etc. which is vital to their healthy growth.

K1 (4-5 years)
& K2 (5-6 years)

This is the age where they’ll be more self-aware, express more, make a lot of new friends, and have a better understanding of their surroundings. And our preschool program’s learning arcs are developed to acknowledge this and aim towards making them a good global citizen – all while strengthening their 4 Cs.

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