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Skill Based Syllabus

The 21st century skill-based education we preach and practice

Did you know?

UN has defined the 4 skills – Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication as the 21st century skills. At Foundree, we focus on these and many more. Our syllabus is designed to make the little ones future-ready with 20 important real-life skills like Scientific Thinking, Musical Ability, Problem Solving, Algorithmic Thinking, and Critical Thinking. Simultaneously, we also give a lot of importance to Socio Emotional Skills such as Patience, Empathy, Perseverance, Executive Function and Self-Regulation to help them grow into a kind and empathetic adult.
Each skill is based on a learning arc, and the Foundree curriculum has 22 learning arcs.

The 4 Cs are based on 3 learning arcs:

Creators Arc: It focuses on making products with hands (crafting) at lower levels and minds (coding) at higher levels.

Global Citizen Arc: It gives the little ones exposure to different cultures, builds understanding of global issues and inculcates empathy.

Bodily Arc: It aims at developing gross motor skills.

Our classrooms a.k.a skill stations

Rather than age or grades, our classrooms are organized by different skill stations that represent different 21st century skills and learning arcs, to provide an immersive learning experience.

The Stage - Listening & Speaking, Whole Word Reading, Pattern Writing, Communication

The Nook - Phonemic Awareness, Reading, Writing, Global Perspectives

The Studio - Fine Motor, Pre-Math, Art

The Workshop - Numeracy, Geometry, Art, Making, Science

The Playscape - Gross Motor, Music & Movement, Yoga & Zumba

The Cradle - Infant Room

The Picnic - Gross Motor

Our little geniuses also get to explore and learn the 21st century skills such as musical ability through our Music and Movement program, coding and scientific skills through our STEM program, critical thinking skills through the Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking program, and physical skills through the Yoga and Fitness program.
Our optional evening skill-based programs include Dance and Martial Arts, Chess, Theatre, Indian Classical or Western Classical Music, Foreign Languages.