The Program Approach

Parenting skills

Parent toddler program is series of sessions spread over the weeks to help children feel confident to transition to preschool. It is an interactive holistic program celebrating parenthood! It helps to redefine the role of parents by creatively developing joyful parenting skills and play an active and aware role in the cognitive development of their children

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Holistic Development

Activities are adapted to the toddler’s limited attention span for optimum stimulation and effectiveness hence leading to enhanced holistic development of the child. 

The program allows parents and children to discover and learn new things ‘together’ and help build confidence in their interpersonal, social, linguistic and intrapersonal skills.

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As a stepping stone for the journey ahead

The Parent Toddler Program exposes the toddler to a structured yet extremely fun-loving environment along with the parent. The age group between 1-2 years is critical as if forms the basis of learning for the preschool years. The program will aim at improving physical skills, linguistic skills, cognitive skills, and socio-emotional skills. It gives the necessary confidence to a toddler to enter the preschool independently. Your toddler will be ready for his/her school journey with enhanced confidence and take less time to settle in an already familiar environment!

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Structure Of The Program

1. How many sessions will there be per week ?

There will be 3 sessions per week.

2. What is the time duration for each of the session ?

Each session will be 45 minutes long.

3. If i sign up for a month, how many sessions will I get to attend?

We will conduct 12 sessions per month which will have a mix of sensory exploration, musical bonding, parent-toddler yoga, storytelling, and art activities. The program is designed in a non-progressive way and hence even if you miss one or two sessions you don’t miss anything !

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Why Is This Exciting?

The program is not designed progressively- you can be a part of some of the sessions and then come back anytime without worrying about missing anything

Not “mothers” but “parents”- We believe that it takes a village to raise a child so why should the programme be restricted to “mothers” only?

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Exciting takeaways- You can take away all the exciting things that your child and you make together. Keep it as a memory and share with your loved ones.

Best prices- All of this and more is offered at a very competitive price at Foundree. We want to build memories with you and your child together. 

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