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Kharghar 20 GH, Navi Mumbai



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8am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
8am to 3pm (sat)

Plot# 79/80, GREEN HERITAGE, Ground floor, 1 & 2, Sector No 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

Our Programs

Toddler 2-3 Years

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Pre-K 3-4 Years

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K1/K2 4-6 Years

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Daycare 6 Months - 10 Years

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Meet Our Principal

kharghar 20 principal 1 | Kharghar 20

comma1 | Kharghar 20 Welcome to Foundree Preschool and Daycare, where we celebrate untold stories. I’m Prabhjyot Kaur Sandhu, your Centre Head, dedicated to nurturing every child’s potential. With a wealth of experience in early childhood education, I wholeheartedly embrace Foundree’s vision to change the world by unlocking each person’s learning potential.Foundree is where each child’s unique journey begins, with curiosity thriving and friendships flourishing. Our devoted educators provide a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment. Join us in crafting these beautiful stories of growth and discovery!comma 2 | Kharghar 20

Prabhjyot Sandhu

Principal, Kharghar 20 GH

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Hi everyone. Foundree Preschool & Daycare, Kharghar 20 is a warm loving school with caring teachers and a robust rich educational curriculum. The personalized way of teaching pedagogy is awestruck as it ensures that each child can attain their full potential at their pace. The principal, teachers and support staff are top notch and are extremely caring and loving towards kids. They have great safety and hygiene protocols . It's a positive and fun environment for children to blossom!!!!
unnamed 13 | Kharghar 20
Gurbinder Sandhu
Foundree is one of the best pre school and daycare i opted for my child. I can see a lot of difference in my child’s overall development. Teachers and staff are very friendly, takes care of children really well. I was looking for a hygienic school with an amazing play area. Thank you foundree for all the care and love.
unnamed 15 | Kharghar 20
Ratna Kumari G
My child has been attending this school for a month now and he really enjoys it. Everyday he’s telling me something he made or built and he already told me he has a best friend. All the teachers are very nice. The school is very clean and very detailed. The teachers and management really care for the kids which can be hard to find now a days. Thank you Foundree
unnamed 14 | Kharghar 20
Amardeep Arora

A Sneak Peek